Bridging your pioneering business 

- between Europe and Japan

We aim to be the friendly partner of pioneering businesses that pave new paths in all industries. We wholeheartedly provide front-line support to innovative companies that want to grow their business with a strategy between Japan and Europe. We can outline a roadmap for Startups, SMEs, and Regional industry leaders in Europe, looking to enter the Japanese Market and connect your company to supportive and collaborative industry partners and entities. We lead out business development team from Berlin as well as London and Paris to provide a wide network of local strategic advisory to connect you across Japan. Our goal is to help you discover the growing possibilities and unique clientele that you can gain from pioneering your technology or product in Japan. Our mission is to see you succeed.

Our Services

bistream is uniquely divided into 3 main business units of service according to your needs. We can provide you with a tailored solution to growing your business.

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe

Startup Dojo

Are you looking for a unique way to partner with a Japanese industry giant? This Talent Exchange Program is for any company wishing to diversify their innovative ideas in a fun way.

Nippon Link

Needing a strategy to enter the Japanese Market? Don't know where to start, or the right people? This consulting service can get you where you want to be in Japan. We can build a tailored and sustainable solution for your goals in Japan.

Okaeri House

This is a not-for-profit project for revitalising rural Japan by providing a unique vacation home for families needing 'come home' to Japan. Consider becoming a sponsor today for a Japanese rural community.





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