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Startup Dojo


What is Startup Dojo?

Turn corporate executive candidates, new business development staff, R&D members, and overseas market development staff in Japan into global human resources with practical capabilities. English is the official language of European startups that attract people from all over the world. Internships at state-of-the-art start-up companies and research institutes in Germany and all over Europe for genuine study.

Achievements so far

+ Train researchers in the major resource and energy industries at the Agritech startup in Berlin.

+ Train a backend engineer from a major manufacturer at a SaaS startup in London.

+ Train engineers from major tech companies as CTOs for Berlin startups.

+ Introducing young CEOs of SMEs and development companies to startups in Warsaw and Berlin. Participated in 2 months of development at an IOT startup.

+ Completed one development project by long-term training of next-generation leaders of major technology companies at an IOT startup in Berlin.

+ A young Hope engineer from a major tech company trains at a SAAS startup in Berlin for 3 months.

+ Train a major manufacturer of electricians at a hardware startup in Berlin.

Service contents of Startup Dojo

+ Selection of training destination startup and determination of training content (before travel)

+ Arrangement of local housing and setting of language training program as necessary (before travel)

+ Life orientation, introduction of mentors

+ Detailed meeting of orientation and training schedule at the training destination startup

+ Support and troubleshooting during training

+General meeting at startup after training, mutual training evaluation, issuance of certificate

About Partner Startups

More than 300 start-ups can reach major European ecosystems such as Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Stockholm and Helsinki.


We match from a portfolio of various vertical startups such as Health Tech, HR Tech, Hardware, IoT, FinTech, DAPPS, SAAS, Mobility, Reenergy, New Materials and more.

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