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Okaeri House

Okaeri House is an activity aimed at people living overseas who have roots in Japan, with the aim of interacting while staying in rural areas of Japan. It is an NPO (Not for Profit Organization). We aim to introduce local accommodations for vacations and temporary homecomings in Japan, as well as researchers, engineers, artists and entrepreneurs for the Global Japanese community with an international and diverse background. We are engaged in activities to provide stay-type programs for the purpose of international exchange, such as dispatching expert human resources with specialized skills to rural areas of Japan.

For more on participant experiences, check out our blog:


“For us, this trip was indeed “the essence” of one of the most fascinating countries in the world and thanks to the generous support of our friends in Berlin and Tokyo, we were able to experience Japan in a way that only a few people are sure to be able to experience.” *translated from German

— From a participant in Shimane


"To know about the early modern architecture and to see how the knowledge about these houses and their building technique will be preserved by such projects as Ms. Matuura initiated was an invaluable experience."

— From a participant in Yamaguchi

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