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We can make employees happier

Job satisfaction is a very important topic. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges they face with employee happiness and retention.

Unipos is a startup who have developed an app designed to spread love and harmony within a company. Their service enables users to send messages of support and gratitude to their colleagues throughout the day. 

Points can be awarded and effort celebrated, creating an encouraging atmosphere where people feel valued. 

Unipos brings our people and teams closer. It helps drive transparency and employee engagement.

We experienced a significant growth in employee size. Our challenge was to explore tools that would enable us to hold the teams together, and continue to foster our core values. Unipos was a great tool to tackle that. It helped us acknowledge and celebrate small or big wins happening within our teams.

– Andries Bellemans, Lisk Head of HR

From an employer’s perspective, Unipos is highly effective for creating a supportive work environment, while keeping employees engaged in their work and the philosophy of their business.

Berlin Startups

Edge computing and how it can improve our daily lives

Idein Inc. is a tech company that’s living on the edge. Edge computing, that is. They are developing machine learning models and applications that are bringing the Internet of Things into daily life, in the name of improving it. 

Their pattern-matching software offer advanced face, image and object recognition – allowing sensors to see, catalogue, understand and interact with the world around them. Compatible with inexpensive, readily-available devices such as the Raspberry Pi, Idein Inc. makes edge computing accessible to everyone.

Berlin Startups

Blockchain to upgrade the world.

INDETAIL is a blockchain company with the motto: “Upgrade the World!” 

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station

Using AI, IoT, Cloud and blockchain as their core technologies, they want to bring blockchain into businesses, communities and our daily life; all aspects of the world around us. 

One of their recent projects has involved creating an unmanned, multilingual hotel check-in desk for foreign visitors which syncs with a keyless, smart lock system – enabling the whole hotel experience to be automated and simplified for non-Japanese speakers. 

Another involves creating a blockchain-based electric vehicle public transport network for under-populated areas that lack solid infrastructures.

Berlin Startups

Tech at home – how Yukai are creating robots that blend into our home

With the aim of making our home environments ‘intelligent’, Yukai are developing robots that slip seamlessly into our daily lives. Think of all the mundane tasks that make up our day-to-day living, and how we could improve our lifestyles with the help of technology. Yukai are pushing forward to create robots that respond to our real needs and free up our time for things that are more important to us. 

Yukai’s vision for the future sees us moving on from our smartphone dependency, and into a new era where robots pick up on our desires and needs without the need of a touchscreen. An exciting world is just around the corner, and Yukai aim to be at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Becco at home

Berlin Startups

Rustic tech – this company is creating screens out of wood

We all spend too long gazing into those black mirrors and computer screens. We know this. You know this. mui knows this. 

mui believes your home should be a place of sanctuary from the modern world, even its tech. It’s created revolutionary natural wood products which offer local and cloud connectivity, enabling you to check your voicemail, adjust the thermostat, play music or dim the lights, all on a calming, natural wood interface. Not a screen in sight.  

Also on BBC: CES 2019: Hands on with Mui, the smart plank of wood. here.