Concept Explained

Benefits for partner startups

Startups can generate extra revenue by providing the Dojo participant personal growth opportunity. The Dojo participants are mostly talented corporate employees from Japan, such as developers, data scientists, engineers and material scientists, whom you can rely on as free-of-charge development resource for your own product or services. As our Dojo partner, you can also learn about the unique business culture in Japan. Moreover, the personal trust relationship you build with the Dojo participant can develop into a B2B conversation with the Japanese corporate company, as Japanese businesses are characterized by a strongly relationship oriented culture.

So how does it work?

It’s quite simple! Imagine your company had a skill training lab as part of its business that can be visited by external participants and generates extra revenue from participation fees. As the participant to the training program doesn’t “work” at your startup, no on-boarding procedure for an internship etc is needed. The participants of course bring special skills. If what they have created is useful to you, you can use it for free, and the IP is yours. 

Business scheme

The clients of bistream are trusted corporates and SMEs of Japan. bistream coordinates the Dojo program and works with startups. The Dojo participants (we call them “trainees”) will visit our partner startup on a daily basis to engage in concrete tasks you assign to them, attend internal meetings and observe working processes for a total period of 8-12 weeks, sometimes even longer. Startups are essential training partners for bistream’s Startup Dojo. They provide a “team environment” for the Dojo trainee during this period, and receive a fee for this extra activity.

What’s the purpose of the corporates? 

Corporates want to achieve high growth of their talents which is rather difficult to be achieved in a hierarchical, monocultural and traditional organisation. The Startup Dojo offers Japanese corporates a tailored growth program for their talents by exposing them to European startup culture for a shorter period (of 8 to 12 weeks). During this time, they learn about nature and organization of startups in both theory and practice. Through an immersive style, the participants to the Dojo program will learn new and flat communication styles in a real European startup, and will also enhance their communication skills in a culturally diverse organisation. Upon return to their company, they are expected to apply this knowledge to their own organisation and induce change in the original company culture.