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Japan Meets Berlin

bistream organised a side event for IFA2019, “Japan Meets Berlin,” with the big support from W-lounge.

I have to say it is amazing that such leading mentors of Berlin Startup Ecosystem came to meet Japanese Startups with the openness, “give first” spirit, and good/honest/pragmatic advices.

After Mr. Takabatake (the Head of JETRO Berlin, Japanese trade organisation, the agency of Ministry of Economy Japan) gave welcome speech, Dr.Rainer Seider (Head of Unit International Cooperation, Ministry of Berlin) and Mali (CEO of W-Lounge) gave us the fireside chat over what Berlin Startup Ecosystem means for foreign startups from perspectives.

Berlin Startup Ecosystem is ranked as one of the tops in Europe. What differentiate here is the true internationality and respect of diversity. People living in Berlin are from close to 200 countries, common language is English as a second language.

Based on the latest data from Startup Genome, Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2019, the average salary of engineer in Berlin ($65.1k) is higher than in London ($56.8k). Global market reach is ranked #1 as well as connectedness. Berlin is not just a mature ecosystem. It is a true international hub of top ecosystems.

The Japanese startups had 2 minutes pitch in front of the Berlin VC, representative from Telekom, and top accelerators.

After the pitches, we invited the panel, Jag, Katy, and Nana to learn more about Berlin Ecosystem for Japanese startups: for example, Berlin as a launchpad for global success, etc. All panels commented that Japanese startups have great potential to succeed in Berlin, but with the strong remarks in communication. It is not only about English ability, but about communication competencies, which is prerequisite for starting businesses.

Berlin Startups

Closer to your child: home and kindergarten experience

Getting closer to your child’s experience at kindergarten or nursery is something many parents yearn for. It’s not always possible to know how they’re spending their days. This is something that’s especially frustrating for working parents who crave more time with their children. 

UniFa create applications specifically designed to give parents peace of mind when they can’t be with their children. Their product enables parents to receive daily photo and video updates of their children – what they’ve been learning and what games they’ve been playing. It also offers notifications on nap times, enabling parents to experience their day alongside them.  

For infants before kindergarten age, UniFa gives peace of mind to new parents even by providing tracking device to prevent SIDS.

The aim of UniFa is to foster better family communication, enabling a closer bond between parent and child in the modern world.

Berlin Startups

Blue sky thinking: Aeronext’s vision for our skies

Aeronext are creating an industrial revolution in the sky. Much like the explosion in car ownership and the huge effects that had on society, they believe the advent of the drone will spark a similar change in society. They see major benefits in increased drone use, particularly with regard to job creation. 

Aeronext are creating a series of services that aim to change how we use drones. They’re developing a drone delivery system, which they see as a way of solving many issues currently facing companies. They’re also working on developing drones that can carry more than just small items. 

For Aeronext, the sky certainly is not the limit.