We can make employees happier

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Job satisfaction is a very important topic. Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges they face with employee happiness and retention.

Unipos is a startup who have developed an app designed to spread love and harmony within a company. Their service enables users to send messages of support and gratitude to their colleagues throughout the day. 

Points can be awarded and effort celebrated, creating an encouraging atmosphere where people feel valued. 

Unipos brings our people and teams closer. It helps drive transparency and employee engagement.

We experienced a significant growth in employee size. Our challenge was to explore tools that would enable us to hold the teams together, and continue to foster our core values. Unipos was a great tool to tackle that. It helped us acknowledge and celebrate small or big wins happening within our teams.

– Andries Bellemans, Lisk Head of HR

From an employer’s perspective, Unipos is highly effective for creating a supportive work environment, while keeping employees engaged in their work and the philosophy of their business.